QD Bushing

Original pulley and pulley mounting system developed for easy installation and replacement of components.

Conical bushings are used in various applications throughout the baggage conveyor industry. Typical uses are connecting power transmission components to drive shafts, drive shafts, and connecting shafts to pulleys and rollers. The wedge-action tapered handle of the bushing allows a locking method without deforming the shaft and quick removal.

How to Install a QD Bushing

QD bushing installation instructions involve a standard set of steps and precautions. Inspect all items for dirt, grease, scratches, and any other contamination or defects. Do not apply lubricant or anti-seize when it is time to tighten the screws; use a torque wrench to stay within the rated range, and tighten the screws gradually, evenly, and alternately. Fully tightening one bolt before at least partially tightening the other bolts creates an unbalanced pressure that will lead to premature failure.
An extra precaution is maintaining a 1/8 – 1/4″ clearance between the sprocket hub face and the QD bushing flange. This protects the sprocket hub from potentially damaging pressure.

How to Remove the QD Bushing

1. Loosen and remove all cap screws from the assembly.
2. Install a cap screw in each threaded hole in the mating hub.
3. Turn each cap screw evenly to force the mating hub off the bushing.

QD Bushing for Sale

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What is the Difference Between a Taper Lock and a QD Bushing?

In general, QD bushings have a smaller diameter and taper locking bushings have a larger diameter. Both types are used for similar purposes. When choosing a casing, you need to consider the specific application and desired results.

QD bushings have a split flange on their outside diameter, similar to a split tapered bushing. Split flanges aid in installation and improve bushing retention. The split flange also facilitates reverse installation of the QD bushing. Typically, QD bushings are available for sprockets and timing pulleys.

Dodge Taper Lock bushings are another type of bushing. This design is similar to the QD bushing but adds a wedge action tapered handle to allow locking without deforming the shaft. The tapered handle also facilitates removal. No matter which type of bushing you choose, make sure to follow the correct installation instructions.

Choosing the Right QD Bushing Types

There are two types of QD bushings: flanged and non-flanged. Flange bushings are split on the outside diameter. The flange fits over the sprocket and connects the bushing to the sprocket. The non-flange design fits flush with the pulley and takes up less space.

When installing QD bushings, it is important to use the correct installation procedure. This will ensure your components are installed correctly without causing damage to the bushing.

When installing the bushing, install the flange end first. After that, fit the shaft key into the pulley as far as possible. It is also important to install the sprocket into the bushing with the big end of the taper facing out. When installing the sprocket, it is also important to install the lag bolts into the threaded holes of the sprocket.

QD Bushing Metric

Metric QD Bushings Quick Disconnect (QD) bushings are bushings that make the same sprocket or pulley compatible with multiple shaft diameters. They are suitable for quick disconnect (QD) sprockets and pulleys of the same bushing style. When you tighten the included cap screw, the bushing grabs the shaft and pulls it into the sprocket or pulley. Bushings are steel or cast iron. Bushings with shallow keyways are keyed. If you are unsure, please contact us.


QD BUSHING is a quick-acting bushing that can be quickly installed on the shaft. One advantage of the qd bushing is that it is easy to install and requires little maintenance. They’re also relatively inexpensive, making them an ideal upgrade for many applications.These bushings are equipped with flanges that connect the bushings to the sprockets. These bushings also feature a four-degree taper and cap screws for mounting.

1. The design is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and it is simple and easy on and off process.
2. Machining to high tolerances
3. Offers a full range of metric and inch-size tapered bushings
4. Offers a full short stroke range for compact and lightweight components

How to Tighten the QD Bushing

Several factors affect the torque of a QD bushing. One factor is the flange, which is the connection between the sprocket and the bushing. Another factor is the taper, which is about 3/4″/ft. It is best to use a torque wrench to properly tighten these bushings.

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