QD Bushing

QD Bushing, Series SK, Bore 7/8 In

  • Item – Tapered and QD Bushings: Quick Detachable Bushing
  • Bore Bushing Series: SK
  • Bore Dia.: 7/8 in
  • Length: 1.875 in
  • Dimension L: 1 7/8 in
  • Bolt Size: 5/16″-18 x 2 in
  • Material: Iron
  • SAE Grade: 5

  • Item – Tapered and QD Bushings: Quick Detachable Bushing
  • Bore Bushing Series: SK
  • Bore Dia.: 7/8 in
  • Length: 1.875 in
  • Dimension L: 1 7/8 in
  • Bolt Size: 5/16″-18 x 2 in
  • Material: Iron
  • SAE Grade: 5
  • Dimension V: 3 5/16 in
  • Dimension U: 1/2 in
  • Dimension h: 3.875 in
  • Dimension d: 2.8125 in
  • Bolt Circle Dia.: 3.3125 in
  • Includes: Cap Screws
  • Taper: 3/4 in per ft On Diameter
  • Dimension T: 1 3/8 in
  • Item: Quick Detachable Bushing
  • Length (Straight Wireway): 1.875 in
  • Bolt Circle Diameter: 3.3125 in
  • Bore Diameter: 7/8 in
  • System of Measurement: Standard
  • Bushing Type: Quick Disconnect

Advantages of QD Bushings

The QD bushing is a flanged bushing, similar to a split taper bushing, but differs in how it is mounted. Fasteners are not secured by flanges but through shafts or drive components. This design allows two different mounting options, standard, and reverse. However, if installed incorrectly, this system can cause the barrel OD to slip. Also, in large hole sizes, keyways may be shallow or absent.

The advantages of QD bushings include ease of installation and removal. It has a flange of 0.75 inches per foot with a series of tapped holes around the flange. They range in size from H to W and are available in Type 1 and Type 2 versions. The flangeless design is an advantage when space is limited, but problems can arise when the bushing is installed incorrectly, which can cause the drive components to come off the shaft.

Another advantage of QD bushings is their simplicity and clamping force. They require no special tools and can be installed in less than half an hour. These bushings measure 3/4 inch per foot for easy installation. QD bushings are designed to align the sprocket at a 90-degree angle to the drive shaft.