China Best Sales Various American Standard 5b Gripbelt Sheaves with Split Taper Bushings for All a and B Section Belts brass bushing

Product Description

Various American Standard 5B Gripbelt Sheaves With Split Taper Bushings For All A And B Section Belts

The 5B series pulleys are used for A, AX, AA, 4L, B, BX, BB, and 5L v-belts with diameters from 7.35 “to 38.35”. Depending on the pulley size, they are used with R1 tapered bushes, which we also have in stock. Our five-groove 5B split tapered bushing pulley is mainly made of high-strength grade 35 cast iron, coated with phosphate, and covered with anti-corrosion paint. All these are balanced at the factory to ensure the machine’s smooth operation.

5B Style Pulley Size Chart

V-belt Pulley Specifications:

V-Belt Pulley Type

Light Duty Bored to size Pulleys (AK, BK,2AK,2BK,3BK series)

Light Duty Taper Bore Pulleys (AK-H, BK-H,2AK-H,2BK-H series)

Split taper bushed Pulleys (1TB,2TB,3TB series)

Heavy Duty QD Pulleys (1B,2B,3B,1C,2C,3C,4C,5C series etc)

Light Duty Variable Speed Pulleys (1VP,2VP,1VL,1VM series)

QD taper bore sheaves Pulleys (3V,5V,8V series)

Single Groove Pulleys (OK, OL, AL series)

According to customers’ requirements or drawings


Cast iron, steel, aluminum, alloy, etc.

Surface treatment

powder coating, zinc plating, black oxide, etc



Machine Equipment

CNC center, CNC milling machine, CNC turning machine, CNC drilling

machine, CNC lathes, lathes, 4-axis machines, etc.

Application field

Equipment accessories, Airplane, Ship, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Auto, Medical, Chemical, Wheel, Sports, Anchor, Weapon, etc.




One year after the shipment


1. Materials are to be checked carefully before production.

2. Strict processing quality control

3.100% inspection before shipment.

Inspection Equipment

CMM, Projection, Calipers, Micro caliper, Thread Micro caliper; Automatic Two / Three Coordinate Measuring Instrument, etc.; Third
party inspection available CHINAMFG customer’s requirements

1. Iron pulleys of various sizes and series 1B, 2B, 3B, 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C, 5C, etc.
2. Tapered locking sleeve is installed on the pulley shaft for easy installation and removal.
3. After the long-time operation, the hole and keyway will be worn; You only need a new tapered bushing.
4. The pulley can use different shaft diameters and suitable tapered bushings.
5. The belt pulley with tapered bushing can be used for a long time. Therefore, repair and maintenance costs are reduced, and time and efficiency are saved.
Application field:
Applications include general machinery, factory construction, and agricultural and forestry technologies.

application for agriculture;application for compressors;application for electric machinery
Other Sheaves
How to measure V-pulleys | Dimensions, and dimensions
One of the most widely used and fastest-growing product types in the power transmission and automobile industry is the V-belt pulley, also known as “pulley.” The V-belt pulley is an accessory that transmits energy between shafts through V-belt. However, to maintain the regular operation of this pair of crucial equipment, when the old V-belt pulley is worn, it must be ensured to replace the appropriate V-belt pulley. To do this, you need to know the size, size, and type of the V-pulley so that the replacement pulley can work properly. Learning to measure the size of the V-belt pulley and calculate it is a simple task; However, correctly identifying the V-pulley type can be complex. V-pulleys are available in various styles and options, including a, B, C, D, 3V, 5V, 8V, variable pitch, double grooves, and metric pulleys. We only stock more than 8000 different V-pulleys.

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Type: Agricultural
Usage: Agricultural Products Processing, Farmland Infrastructure, Tillage, Harvester, Planting and Fertilization, Grain Threshing, Cleaning and Drying
Material: Iron
Power Source: Electricity
Weight: 6kg
After-sales Service: Installation Guide 3-Year Warranty

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Can I find educational resources on the history and evolution of QD bushing technology?

If you are interested in learning about the history and evolution of QD (Quick Disconnect) bushing technology, there are educational resources available that can provide valuable insights. These resources can help you understand the development, advancements, and applications of QD bushings over time. Here are some avenues to explore:

  1. Manufacturer Websites: Some manufacturers of QD bushings provide educational resources on their websites. They may have sections dedicated to the history and evolution of their products, including QD bushings. These resources can include articles, whitepapers, or technical documentation that discuss the development of QD bushing technology and its various iterations. Visiting the websites of reputable manufacturers in the power transmission industry can provide you with valuable information.
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When exploring these educational resources, it’s important to critically evaluate the information and cross-reference it with multiple sources. The history and evolution of QD bushing technology may vary depending on the specific manufacturer, region, or application. By gathering information from various reputable sources, you can develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

By utilizing these educational resources, you can gain knowledge about the history and evolution of QD bushing technology, enabling you to appreciate the advancements and applications of this important component in the field of mechanical power transmission.

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Are there reviews comparing QD bushings from different manufacturers in terms of quality and durability?

When it comes to reviews comparing QD (Quick Disconnect) bushings from different manufacturers in terms of quality and durability, it can be challenging to find comprehensive and unbiased sources. However, there are a few avenues you can explore to gather information and make informed decisions:

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It is important to approach reviews and opinions with critical thinking, considering various perspectives and sources. Keep in mind that individual experiences and requirements can differ, and what works well for one application may not necessarily apply to another. Prioritize information from reputable sources and consider multiple factors, such as application-specific needs, manufacturer reputation, and industry standards, when evaluating the quality and durability of QD bushings from different manufacturers.

By combining insights from various sources and consulting with industry professionals, you can make more informed decisions when selecting QD bushings for your specific mechanical setups.

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Where can I find reliable suppliers for QD bushings for industrial applications?

When looking for reliable suppliers of QD bushings for industrial applications, there are several avenues you can explore. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Manufacturer Websites: Many QD bushing manufacturers have official websites where they showcase their products and provide information about their capabilities. Visiting the websites of reputable manufacturers can give you access to detailed product catalogs, specifications, and technical resources. You can often find a list of authorized distributors or dealers on the manufacturer’s website.
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By utilizing these resources and conducting thorough research, you can find reliable suppliers of QD bushings for your industrial applications. It’s always recommended to establish a relationship with trusted suppliers who can provide high-quality products and reliable support to meet your specific needs.

China Best Sales Various American Standard 5b Gripbelt Sheaves with Split Taper Bushings for All a and B Section Belts   brass bushing			China Best Sales Various American Standard 5b Gripbelt Sheaves with Split Taper Bushings for All a and B Section Belts   brass bushing
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